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A New Car With A New Dashboard Is The Trend

With the thumb rule that every car manufacturer autoradio-1001 has to come up with changes in their models very often, it becomes difficult and challenging for them to adhere to this regulation; but it is mandatory and has to happen to maintain their levels and name in the market. One of the main areas where a productive change can be brought about is in the infotainment systems in the car and amongst all, predominantly the music system. The trend today is to have a high-end model with all latest technologies and advanced equipments nevertheless autoradio ford your knowledge in operating and handling them.

Android Auto – Google Delivers Again!

Most of the world’s countries today have a strict legislation is place to fine a truant driver who is using his phone while he is behind the wheel. Player Top FR It is common place to find drivers being irrationally rash and negligent while driving especially the youngsters who are distracted by their smart phones while driving their vehicles.

Well, with Google’s revolutionary system called the Android Auto, this may not be the case anymore. The automobile has to have the system in it to be able to take advantage of this superb technology This projection standard allows the android’s operating system to operate directly on the automobile’s dashboard’s head system unit.